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SEO Services

Search engine optimization to increase visibility.


SEO leads are 8.6x more likely to buy than outbound

Industrial-strength search engine optimization. After strategy and content, it’s the most effective method we use for enabling changes to branded search results.

75% of users never visit the 2nd page of search results, so it’s important to make sure that every single result on the first page reflects positively on your brand.

The right way to improve your search results

Everyone knows that Google accounts for most searches that internet users make. And since Google’s goal is to make the world’s information accessible and relevant to them, the content we develop for every SEO program has to be useful. We excel at content-based search engine optimization. 

Working with search engines

We work with search engines, not against them. In order to make the results from any SEO campaign stick, it’s important not to use black hat techniques (keyword stuffing, sneaky redirects, link schemes, cloaking, etc.). We don’t use black hat. 

Quality all the way

SEO is based on quality content and links (for the most part). There is a massive qualitative difference between 10 backlinks from sites that no one has heard of and a single backlink from an authority that already has a huge following.

The truth is, re-engineering and improving your search results is usually possible, but it takes more than software and a few websites. Instead, it requires a human touch because machines like Google can smell other machines a mile away.

How SEO programs work

Components of an SEO program

IDENTITY utilizes a number of strategies to make your business’s search results reflect who you really are. Here are some of the most common tactics we utilize during a typical search engine optimization campaign:

  • Competitive link gap analysis
  • Competitive content gap analysis
  • Site architecture analysis
  • Competitive improvement recommendations
  • Disavowal of bad links
  • Influencer research
  • Influencer outreach
  • Content planning
  • Content development
  • Link opportunity research
  • Link building
  • Web development / improvement

What is the best SEO strategy?

Since every brand has unique search results and needs, the cost of any given project will depend on what it takes to shape them. That’s why we take ample time to do an in-depth analysis up front before we devise a strategy and provide an estimate.

Some programs that involve international SEO in many languages, link building in other countries, or are very challenging can consume more resources and are, therefore, more expensive.

Pricing for SEO services

Prices for search engine optimization services start at $3,000 per month. The truth is, the more resources applied to a given program, the better the results. The best SEO programs can be scaled. So while an SEO program priced at $3,000 per month will almost always move the needle, an $8,000 program will move it faster. 

Repairing Existing Reputation

We conduct a thorough analysis of your online reputation to ascertain the positive aspects of your business as well as the negatives highlighted through various reviews. We promote a better impression of your business across various platforms to create a scope for online growth.

Monitoring Your Reputation

We have a proactive approach in managing online reputation through constant monitoring of your online reviews and watch out for any potential threats to your online reputation. Anticipating them in advance helps to take the necessary steps and mitigate harm to your online reputation.

Developing Positive Reputation

Before Internet, companies could easily manipulate the customer’s perception through the use of advertising and media. Using various reputation management tools, we build a positive reputation for your business. Our ORM services help to garner more positive reviews that would build a robust positive reputation.

Why We Protect You

Before Internet, companies could easily manipulate the customer’s perception through the use of advertising and media.  On the web the brand’s reputation can be put to the test by anyone and at any time: it is therefore essential to protect the brand’s reputation, acting in advance with respect to your competitors.