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Online PR Services

With our experienced PR team and access to thousands of news media outlets, we'll help you identify what is newsworthy about your brand, and get you the media coverage to gain more authority, and grow in your industry.

How Is IDENTITY Different?

Public Relations help to shape the perceptions of a person or an organization. At IDENTITY, you get a point-person that understands your goals. That’s how IDENTITY can tailor a communications program to fit your business.

Stay Current

IDENTITY stays up to date on industry news everyday to be able to jump on opportunities, and has the means to connect you with journalists and reporters that can make your expert opinion part of their story.

See What's Newsworthy

We’ll take a deep dive into your industry to identify what you are working on and how it can benefit those who are searching for your services.

Month to month

There are no long-term contracts with IDENTITY, so if you’re not seeing the results you expect, then you can simply cancel your service with us. We understand you have to do what’s best for your brand.

Organic Growth

PR is no longer a one-shot game. Having your brand associated with the right terms in high-ranking media outlets that come up in search can lead to serious value, and is frankly the best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) you can get. IDENTITY isn’t just an online PR firm, we’re also a top-rated SEO agency that does the keyword research to give you lasting visibility.

Craft the Message

Great press releases start with great writers like those at WebiMax who take the time to understand the importance of the work you do. IDENTITY combines that with a deep understanding of who your audience is to create a message that truly connects.

Huge Network

IDENTITY has been in digital marketing since 2008, and in that time we’ve built relationships with thousands of media outlets of all types. Radio, T.V., You Tube influencers, Magazines, News Papers, Podcasts, you name it… WebiMax has top-level access to all of it and will take care of your brand image when pitching your business to these outlets.